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How to wear SKVOST - collection COCO


How to wear brooches the French way?

The legendary Coco Chanel is an inspiration for many of us. The way she felt fashion, created it and what she said about it. Her quote “Women think about all colours but they forget about the absence of colour. I said that black included everything. White, too. Their beauty is absolute. It´s a perfect harmony” became an inspiration for one of the jewel collections.



Brooches from this collection are designed in white and black colours combined with silver beads or white pearls. Beauty is in simplicity and each brooch looks perfect with any black or white outfit. Yet I combined the Coco collection with outfits that are a symbol of French women in my mind. I chose a double-breasted dress that resembles a blazer and decorated it with pearl buttons. I don’t mention pearls – not the real ones – in connection with Coco by accident. Not many people know that she was the one who invented bijouterie, as she wanted women to enjoy a substitute for expensive jewels. 



At the beginning of the 20th century on the French Riviera, Coco became a fan of striped T-shirts and inspired the whole world to wear striped fashion. I chose a red-white combination with jeans. And the result? Comfortable and combined with the jewel, a “très chic” outfit for the city. A ladies pyjama suit made of lighter materials can be found in the wardrobe of any trendy Parisian this season. I chose one with a flower pattern.

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